Friday, July 18, 2014

The Wild & Wacky Beach Party was a Hit!

To those of you who came to the Beach Party, THANK YOU for joining us!  It was truly a lot of fun!  Everyone brought great Show & Tell items and we all learned something new.  It was great to welcome Eleanor Burns and Sue Bouchard back to Marion for the 2014 Quilters Hall of Fame Celebration. Eleanor was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2012.  Eleanor shared some of her newest quilts and patterns and we even got to place orders for her upcoming book!  Sue also shared new patterns and ideas that she is working on and we loved have some 'sneak peaks' of those quilts.  It's always fun when quilters get together, but this was over the top FUN!

Yup!  Eleanor loves a party and she joined us at the beach! 

And here is Sue!

We had great fun sharing during the Show & Tell.

And the show continues! 
This Cathedral Window Quilt had over 2000 'windows'.  It was shown by Linda Nicholson.  The quilt was made for her by her mother, Bernice Reel-Heiny, who also attended the party. 
(I hope that I have all of the facts correct.  If not, please let me know!)

And ... we had a Wild & Wacky Challenge.  Each attendee was asked to bring something from their sewing/craft room that they were saving but they didn't know why.  They were told that they would not bet the items back because they would be used in a project.  The group was divided up into teams of 6 and given the following:
  • A sewing machine
  • 4  -  1 yd. cuts of fabric
  • 45 minutes of time
  • access to a work table that had cutting mats, rulers, cutters, scissors, irons, general sewing supplies, glue guns, crepe paper, curling ribbon, newspapers and a bunch of other things!
  • a bag of rather 'odd' items that had to also be used in the creation
  • a large umbrella
They worked as a team to create some INTERESTING UMBRELLAS!  Here are some of the photos that were captured.

And the 2nd Place Award went to the team that made the umbrella 
decorated with a variety of Flip Flops!

And the WINNER!  The Cabana Umbrella!

A picture of all of the Party Girls!

Great People!  Great Party!  Great PFun!

Thanks for coming!

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